Vera VanGuard

Vera VanGuard

Executive Producer / Writer

Vera VanGuard is an actress, model, multi–award winning cosplayer, award winning writer and film maker, stunt gal, musician and (believe it or not) child sized hand model.

She was born in Moscow, Russia and emigrated with her family to the United States when she was four years old settling into New York City. She grew up a third generation classical piano prodigy and attended The Manhattan School of Music (her family could not afford Julliard) and the Lucy Moses School of Music. However, most of her musical training was done by her grandmother, the former director of the Moscow Conservatory of Music. Her mother and father were also concert level pianists who both eventually became audio engineers in the states. Her mother still is an active classical repertoire engineer in New York City at LRP studios. As Vera reached her teens, as an act of rebellion, she picked up an electric guitar and learned every note on Yngwie Malmsteen’s album Rising Force.

She auditioned and went on to study fine art and photography at Fiorello H. Laguardia High School to take a break from the constant pressure to perform on piano. Then came the degree in Molecular Biology (genetics) at Long Island University where she was only one of four graduates that year earning such a degree. Graduate school soon followed for an MBA.

But what was really in her heart wasn’t music, not art, and not genetics or a career behind a desk or a lab. It was kung fu. Stunts and choreography to be exact. After University, she took up studying with amazing teachers including styles of Wu Shu, Choy le fut, Hun Gar, and Northern Shaolin. Her teacher was a real Shaolin Monk Shi Xing Peng who had just come to the US and started his first school. But being a woman of peace, she did not enjoy sparring, what she did enjoy was choreography and showmanship. This lead to the answer to Bruce Lee’s question “what is the art of fighting without fighting?” – stuntwork!

Eventually the bruises segued into acting and modeling. Being an active gamer, she started cosplaying some of her favorite characters: Bloodrayne (which eventually lead to making a fan film:, Lara Croft, Witchblade, Black Widow and Nariko (Heavenly Sword). She regularly can be seen at comic book conventions which she enjoys being invited to.

Today, she lives in Los Angeles and acts and models as well as makes films and comedy web series.