Apocalypse News

As the world goes to hell in a hand basket Trish and Dan from your local news source stays on the air. 40NEWS Keeping you informed. STARRING: Vera VanGuard as TRISH Edward G. Negron as DAN


Full Charge Ahead EP0  Starring Matt Fulchiron After being threatened by the Chinese food place that they will break his legs if he doesn’t pay up his $300 tab, Matt attempts to raise the money through his criminal Rolodex. Meanwhile his wife takes his only treasured possession that happens to hold a secret… Created By: Vera Jump to Project …


SafeHouse (2011) Is a feature film about a group of young homeless youth and how their lives intertwine. Directed by Edward G. Negron Written by Ben Louie / Vera Vanguard Starring: Tom Sword Bill Simcox Vera Vanguard Matthew Grondin Emily Yetter Darth Schuhe Terrence Edmonds IMDb Page : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1823743/ WATCH ON AMAZON VOD RENT ON AMAZON!! Jump to Project …


We have just finished working on our newest short film ‘BLOODRAYNE FAN FILM’ . Go over to the official website at www.bloodraynefanfilm.com and check it out! Featuring Vera VanGuard as Bloodrayne. Directed by Edward G. Negron Written by Vera VanGuard Jan-28-2008


A music video which was used to showcase the talents of Alex Cartana. After and long and drawn out conflict with her producers and management this track was not released. But I show it here only to demonstrate our film making abilities.. after all it was a fun music video to shoot.Artist: ALEX CARTANA Song: Unreleased Jump to Project …


 “Burn Off” proof of concept trailer is finished ( May-1-2008 ) Written by Vera VanGuard. Directed by Edward G. Negron.   Based on the feature film script of the same name, it is currently being shopped around.